Why Franchise with NrGize®?

Customers nationwide are demanding convenient, great tasting food offerings that won’t jeopardize their health-conscious lifestyle. NrGize Lifestyle Cafe™ delivers on this demand offering delicious, nutrient-packed products that fuel to satisfy everyone from the athlete to the novice and all those in between. We stand firm on our commitment to health and set ourselves apart from our competitors by using only the most flavorful fruit, highest quality supplements* and our proprietary smoothie recipes, all of which make our product line truly unique. As smoothies continue to be a popular meal replacement and snack option for consumers, NrGize has great potential to continue its expansion.


With your success in mind, NrGize continues to evolve as consumer demands and trends change. From unique co-branding opportunities to additional menu items, we are constantly moving forward with new ways to grow your business. Our research and development team takes great pride in developing products that meet the ever changing demands for our health conscious customers and our comprehensive training program delivers the tools you need to efficiently operate your NrGize Lifestyle Cafe™. Prior to opening, you will receive 16 hours of in-store training which outlines the operational systems. Upon completion of your in-store training, you will spend five days at the Kahala Training & Education Center (KTEC) in Scottsdale, Ariz. Topics covered at KTEC include coaching, customer service, training, business information, marketing, profitability and more.


And the support doesn’t stop there. We understand that opening a restaurant isn’t like flipping a switch, so we’ve developed a unique support structure that gives you the best opportunity to hit the ground running. When you become an NrGize franchisee, we’ll be by your side throughout the journey of opening your store. Our dedicated NrGize team will assist you with important pre-opening steps such as site selection, design and construction, as well as a grand opening plan. Our tested operating system and industry experience enables us to keep the cost of entry and operating costs as low as possible in order to maximize your growth.


Most importantly, you will have a designated NrGize representative available to support you and answer questions along the way. They will be your day-to-day contact throughout the process of opening your store and they will continue to support you as you grow your business. This representative is located near your region so they know you, your store and your business opportunities.